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Linh Le
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Xin chào - Hello! My name is Linh Le and I am a Program Leader for the Center for Leadership and Community Engagement. I am an international student from Vietnam. I transferred from Everett Community College last year and I am currently finishing up my BA in Public Relations. During my time in college I’ve held many leadership positions such as Orientation Leader, ASCWU Community Programmer, and more. These positions have provided me with a lot of new opportunities and given me the chance to gain more knowledge, improve my communication skills, and acquire new work skills. I am very excited to be working with other awesome members of the CLCE to put on wonderful programs for our campus and community. Being organized and responsible are some of my strongest traits that I'm excited to use at the CLCE. I always strive for perfection and love being a friend a to all. Please stop by or say hi if you see me on campus!